Play Ball!

Like many families around here, we’ve been running from one practice to another, one game to another.  I thank God every day that Harley & Katelyn are on the same team, I cannot imagine having to do this with two separate teams!  Pure craziness!  The girls are having a GREAT time, and they are playing so well!  They are both hitting like champs, and they are fielding the ball like they’ve been playing for years!  We are so proud of them!



Harley & Reagan’s dad, Scott, is the assistant coach of the team, and Aaron helps out at practice and games, too.  During this game, Aaron got to play the role of Umpire.  The girls love having them so involved!

And Reagan?  What does she do during these games?  Well, when you’re bored, tired of watching your sisters, still angry because they won’t let you play baseball yet, you decorate.  Seriously.  She decorates.  During every game, once she is bored with playing or watching the game, she decorates.  Granted, there isn’t much to decorate with, so she makes due.


Take me out to the ball game . . .