Down on the Farm

This past weekend while Aaron’s brother, Pat, and his family were out of town, I fed their animals in the morning, Aaron’s step-dad, Tom fed them in the evening, and one of their friends fed the dogs.  I had a GREAT time (which surprised me, actually).  I went early enough to feed before it was time to get to work on our property with Aaron (you know, fun stuff, like tearing  down fence and burning weeds).  They have chickens, pigs, and horses that I was feeding (the chickens were pretty much on their own – I just had to make sure they had water & their feed was full and I checked for eggs to bring home to eat – yum!).  They have two hens sitting on nests right now and each morning, there they would be, sitting on their nests being good little mommies.

Monday morning after I got home and the girls woke up, we all went to the property so Aaron could spray weeds.  I took the girls over to Pat & Tera’s to see the four chicks that had hatched previously and one they hatched in the incubator in the house.  Isn’t this rooster pretty?


This is the chick that hatched in the incubator – he was the size of those tiny ones above last month at Brooke’s birthday party.


When we got there, though, we got a HUGE surprise.  In one of the nests that was only eggs just a few hours earlier, there were six brand new chicks!  I can’t believe how quickly they hatched!  They were so stinking cute, and the girls were thrilled to be able to see them!  I bet soaking wet they would have only been the size of a golf ball – tiny!



I was at the property again today after school, and I think all but a few eggs had hatched.  They were running around everywhere!