A Marathon Post

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I can’t believe I haven’t posted all of this before now, but we’ve just been enjoying some family time and hanging out. I will apologize in advance for writing a book. It’s goi... Read More

Kids Love Snow!

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Even the big kids. Can you believe this is my 62-year-old dad? Crazy, huh? It has been a crazy week, and we have all had a great time! I will update with more pictures and stories soon, but I had to p... Read More

Some Fun

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Aaron & I have had such a quiet weekend, it’s been odd, but nice. Harley, Reagan, and Katelyn went to their other parents’ homes at the end of the week, so we were alone most of the we... Read More

An Experiment

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My friend, Lindsay, posted last week about a tradition she had as a child that was being passed on to her own children – the making of Swedish Pancakes (Slinks). The recipe looked VERY VERY easy... Read More

Funny Stuff

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I got the funniest gift today! It was a custom music CD from the Principal of our school. Each track had a “special” title making it apply directly to our school. What an AWESOME idea! I&#... Read More

We Have a Teenager

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Yup, it’s scary. I am old enough to have a teenager. She is such a beautiful, energetic, loving, wonderful person. I am proud of her. Emma turned 13 this year. She’s the Queen of her famil... Read More

Another Birthday Girl!

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Katelyn turned 9 years old today. What a big girl she has become! She is so serious, smart, beautiful, goofy, and fun! She had friends over Friday night, and they had a great time, and we had a housef... Read More

Sneaky Peeky!

I know you’re anxious to see your session proofs, so here’s a sneak peek! Enjoy! AmyNature Girl. Mom. Wife. Friend. Photographer. Sewer. Crafter. Artist. To borrow a phrase – “... Read More

Great Quote

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No snowflake in an avalanche ever feels responsible. Voltaire Have you ever noticed on the side panel of my blog there is a “Nature Quote of the Day” section? The above quote was there tod... Read More

Deck the Halls

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Ok, so no boughs of holly here, but we do have an evergreen swag, a fake wreath, and a bought (rather than self-cut) tree, four happy girls, a clean house, AND snow. Yup, folks, you heard me right. WE... Read More


Tonight I went to the Irrigon Chamber of Commerce Annual Awards Banquet with Yvette. I was helping the Chamber get a database up and running that would track all their donations and auction item infor... Read More

Unlucky Thirteen?

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Nope, not unlucky at all. Wonderful, lucky, beautiful, frustrating, loving, awesome, perfect! Thirteen years ago I became a mother. Thirteen years ago Jess became a father. Thirteen years ago four peo... Read More