22 Years

That’s how long Crindalyn and I have known each other; it seems like forever! You know how everyone has those one or two friends that are their “go to” person? On Gray’s Anatomy, they call it “my person”. Crindalyn is “my person”. We’ve had our down times (of course, we were still teenagers, and therefore, we were also stupid), but we’ve always come back to one another.

My Person is moving. I am VERY happy for her because she and Kaeden are going to be in such a good place, and it will be very good for them. I am VERY sad. We’ve never lived more than about 1/2 hour away from each other (except for those years she lived at the Coast).

Today, we met up for lunch and to take a few pictures. Working the remote on my camera was fun, and we managed to get a decent picture of the two of us together. I’m so happy we were able to make some time for each other today to say goodbye. I am going to miss her so much!

Me & My Person

I know there are only GREAT things to come for her, and now I have a perfect excuse to go to the beach for a weekend!