{Zack & Emma}

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Zack is our neighbor. He and his family live on the corner of our block with one house between ours. He is an AWESOME kid, and the whole family is wonderful (hi, Nancy, Alison, TJ, & Abe). Anyway,... Read More

There is a reason

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why I am always BEHIND the camera instead of in front of it. Whenever I’m in front of the camera, I’m either making a really funny face or I have my mouth stuffed with food! That was the c... Read More

Magnificent Beast!

I have a friend who told me a secret of where I could see some of the most beautiful wild horses around. I have managed to see them twice now, but only once I was close enough to get decent pictures o... Read More


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Our trip to Disneyland was completely unforgettable! We walked what seems like 1,000 miles and wore ourselves out, but we had a wonderful time doing it! Reagan even kept up with all the big people, ne... Read More

I have a secret . . .

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. . . and its really exciting! In only SEVEN days!!! The most exciting part for me is that our girls have absolutely NO CLUE that we’re even leaving town! My mom & dad are taking all of us, ... Read More

Camping Fun

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Memorial Day Weekend, we went camping with my mom & dad. My sister, Erika, and her family came up for a day for a bar-b-que and to celebrate Mom & Aaron’s birthdays. We had a great time!... Read More