Irrigon High School held its very first Junior/Senior Prom this past weekend, and I was fortunate enough to be there to take pictures. The Prom Committee did a great job decorating and planning the event, and the students were all wonderful!

The Prom was held at the Desert River Inn in McNary (for several reasons, the biggest being that there isn’t really a suitable place in Irrigon). They had hors d’ouveres, and the soda machine from school was brought in.

The theme was 007 (imagine that), and the room was decorated in a Bond Theme. One of our community members, Michelle Osborne, donated the cake, which was heavenly! Each student attending received an invitation when they purchased their tickets, and when they left after Prom was over they each received an M&M party favor. Each M&M had “IHS Prom 2007” written on it.

Congratulations goes out to the entire Prom Committee for organizing such a wonderful event, and a big thank you goes out to all the parents, staff, and community members who helped make it so successful!

Our little community is definitely growing in a good direction, and events like this cement the road to greatness!

The Prom Committee
(Brieann, October, Josh, Vanessa, Elise, Jackie, and Jasmine)
Michelle’s AWESOME Cake!
Invitations and M&Ms

Meghan and Kendra. This picture was a complete surprise, and I LOVE it! Kendra was one of my basketball girls.

Prince Lamberto & Princess Nadia after the coronation