A Big Week for Reagan

Today, Reagan and her pre-school class had a field trip to Westwinds Nursery and Funland Park, and I was lucky enough to be able to take time off work to go along. We had a great time learning about all kinds of different plants at the nursery and then having a picnic lunch and playing at Funland.

Regan and Bradley (remember, he’s “Her Man”) were great buddies all day, holding hands, walking together, and just being themselves. They really are great friends, and I am glad she has such a nice boy to be friends with!

It was also a great chance for me to just “get away” from the drama and relax ~ thank you Michelle, Angela, & Laura for the kind words, they really helped!

Noelle and Jasmine, students at IHS, volunteered to go along and help with the kids. I think they had as much, if not more, fun as the kids did!
Reagan and Bradley
Just having fun!
Reagan’s Spring Concert was Tuesday night, and her class sang songs from Mary Poppins. Once again, she hammed it up for the audience. She didn’t seem to know her songs quite as well as she did during the Winter Concert, but she still did great!