{Little Miss Smarty-Pants}

Harley Raye

Tonight I had a phone call from the principal of AC Houghton Elementary. He was calling to talk to me about classroom divisions this next year. There are 91 second graders registered as of today, and only three second grade teachers. The surplus is not enough for him to be able to hire a fourth teacher, so he has come up with a different solution.

He has decided to take the “highest academic second graders with great independence skills ” and moving them to a combined second/third grade classroom. They will still be working at the third grade level for math and reading ~ which they would be anyway because of their academic marks ~ they will just be doing it in their own classroom instead of having to go to different classrooms for those subjects.

Anyway, to make a long story short, he was calling to make sure it was okay with me that Harley was placed in this class. Her academics, independent working skills, and comprehension are at par with the third grade level.

Uh, duh, tough decision . . .

So, I guess if you look at the comment she made about her new glasses (see my last blog entry), maybe she was right.