{Emma Kate and Fred}

This week is the Morrow County Fair, and Emma is showing lambs. She has two lambs, Fred & Wilma. She showed them both in Confirmation (judging the sheep’s market quality) today ~ Fred in the lightweight class and Wilma in the breeding class. Emma won GRAND CHAMPION of the ENTIRE lightweight class with Fred! I am so proud of her! She has taken this responsibility seriously and worked really hard with both of her lambs all summer.

Here are a few highlights of Emma showing Fred:

Talking to the judge and answering questions while he checks out Fred during the first session.

Waiting in the arena while the judge talked about the other contestants and the quality of their lamb.

FIRST PLACE! You go, girl! I’m so proud of you! Emma got first place in her group of lightweight lambs, which meant then she had to come back into the ring with the top two finishers from all the groups of lightweight lambs to compete for Grand Champion and Reserve Grande Champion.

The beginning of the Championship Round.
Answering more questionsn from the Judge and positioning her lamb correctly.

Watching the judge talk about all the participants of the Championship Round. He complimented the quality of all the lambs, the care they have received, and the technique the kids all used to handle each of their lambs.
Receiving her GRAND CHAMPION RIBBON from the Judge. I love how her face got red, like she was embarassed. It was such an AWESOME moment! I nearly had tears in my eyes, Emma looked like she was a little weepy, and Staci (Em’s step-mom, who works with Emma & her lambs all summer) definitely had tears. I know she is just as proud of Em as I am.

Here she is . . . The Champion! While the other kids are being judged further to determine Reserve Grand Champion.

No fair prize winning would be complete without hanging your ribbons on the information sheet for your animal above it’s pen.
“I love you, Fred!” While Wilma looks on.

I am so happy and blessed that Emma has Staci in her life. She is a WONDERFUL step-mother who loves Emma so so so much. It is because of her that Emma started showing lambs and learning all about 4-H and it’s benefits. So, Kudos go out to Staci, too, since she’s the “adult” help behind all of Emma’s success.