First Day of School

For all four of our girls!

Emma starts school about an hour before the other girls, so she was ready bright and early this morning. It amazes me the difference between this year and last year. Last year, I was still sending a little girl off to school. This year, I’m sending a big girl, a “Tween”. She doesn’t want to wear anything that looks too “little girl” any more, she asked to wear *gasp* lip gloss this year (a first), the only hugs and kisses I could give her had to be at home before we got to school so I didn’t embarrass her. It was a very bittersweet, but AWESOME morning me.

Emma last year.

Emma this morning before school.

Harley, Katelyn, and Reagan were finally ready for school, and were sooooooo excited! Reagan and Katelyn were ready before Harley, and Reagan was almost dancing out the door with excitement. All three of them picked out their own outfits, and they looked absolutely gorgeous!

The Three Amigas


Gorgeous Girl!

Strikin’ a Pose!

Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves.

~ Abbé Dimnet