Mutton Bustin’

Well, not really mutton, but lamb anyway.  Today, Emma had an awards assembly at school, and after it was over she and I came back to Irrigon so she could pick out her lambs for the summer.  She has always gotten her lambs from the same place Staci always did, but this year we decided to have her get them from Pat & Sean Barron.  It was also the first year Emma was completely on her own picking her lambs because its always been Staci with her (Staci knows what she’s doing, where I’m clueless!).  Pat said Emma picked two GREAT lambs, some of the better ones he has this year, so we’re pretty excited!

Chasing them around the pen . . . 


“Can you see it?  I can’t see it.  Are you sure it’s a boy?  Where is it?”

“Um, maybe I’d like to take a look at that one.”

“Oh jeez!  I can’t catch these suckers!”

“Ah Ha! Got one!”


Meet Gizmo & Latte:


Have a great evening, we’ll be baaaaaaaaaaaack later.


0 thoughts on “Mutton Bustin’

  1. Oh Em, i don’t even no what to say right now, but im very pround of you.
    I think you did a “WONDERFUL” job picking out your own sheep this year. I do want to say thanks for always listening to me, i think it is going to payoff for you this year..

    Love you kiddo,

    Also thanks Amy, for letting Em & I, keep this up it means a lot to both of us….

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