Over the hill and through the woods . . .

To Nana’s house we go (Papa’s, too).

Friday, the girls and I loaded up and headed to my parents house in Cove. Aaron wasn’t able to make it this time, so we made a girls weekend out of the trip. The girls were so excited! They really haven’t gotten to see either of my parents much since August, and Emma hadn’t seen them since probably July.

On the way out of Irrigon, Reagan asked me to take the way where “you don’t have to go ovah the mountain”. When I told her that no matter which route we took, that we would have to go over at least one mountain, she was really mad! She didn’t want to go over the mountains because “we might fall off, mom!”

So, when you’re mad at Mom and you don’t want her to look at you, this is what you do. Falling asleep like that is a complete accident, of course.

My sister and her kids came over for a visit Friday afternoon, which was great, and the kids all had a blast playing together. I don’t even think we had to settle any arguments which was a very nice, unusual surprise.

That evening, the girls & I went into LaGrande for the Christmas light parade with Nana & Papa. It was C~O~L~D! Like 26 degrees cold! It was fun, and the girls had a good time gathering candy, drinking hot cocoa, and watching for Santa.

They look like little colored marshmellows in their coats!

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