Daughters Gone Wild!

Tuesday I left work at noon, drove to Union, picked up my baby sister, and we headed off to the Big City together. Erika’s husband, Scotty, had won concert tickets, but he wasn’t able to go because he had to work, so she invited me. The concert was Evanescence, a group I really like, and we were looking forward to spending some time together (we are rarely together without at least one kid attached). Our mom & dad teased us about making sure we behaved ourselves & didn’t show up on any of those Girls Gone Wild videos.

I took Aaron’s camera adn we planned on taking some fun pictures during the concert. Apparently, you’re not supposed to take any recording equipment into a concert (dumb me), but I didn’t want to walk FOREVER back to where we were parked. I shoved the camera down the front of my pants – hidden discretely behind my huge rhinestone belt buckle. 🙂 The pictures I took were okay, but not great. They’ll work for the scrapbook pages, though. I also got some video clips – mostly just to record the music.

So . . . the first band was called Julien-K. Neither of us had heard of them, and they were pretty decent, but not my favorite type of music. The second band . . . they were called SickPuppies. That should have been our first clue. Um, yeah, they were so so so NOT OUR STYLE, but their set was short and we survived.

And just a few fun pictures. Believe it or not, we COMPLETELY forgot to get any pictures of the two of us, but that’s ok.

After the concert, we searched and searched and searched for a restaurant that was still open. TGIFridays happened to be still open, and neither of us had ever eaten there, so that’s where we went. It was great food, and the conversation was even better! Between the two of us, we have made it our personal mission to figure out how to make the Fried Macaroni (yeah, I know, not health) we had. It was PHENOMINAL!

Me being the photo-freak I am had to take a picture of it:

After dinner, we headed home. I dropped Erika off at her house in Union, then mosied over to my parents’ house in Cove to spend the night. After a mere 5 hours of sleep, a shower, and a great breakfast courtesy of Mom & Dad, I headed to work.

The pass over Meacham was BEAUTIFUL, and the snow was gorgeous:

I made it back to work completely exhausted, but thrilled to have had that time with Erika. I also figured out that I had driven 668.2 miles in less than 20 hours, and then I had to drive an additional 100 to pick up Emma from her dad’s house.

Anyway, it was a GREAT adventure, and we had a blast! And Dad, you don’t have to worry, I don’t think that man with the video camera caught us doing anything *too* naughty! 🙂

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  1. so glad you got to share this with your sister!:) I’m sure that it was well worth the exhaustion!

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