Tiptoeing Through the Tulips . . . er, I mean the Daisies


Reagan has a summer job mowing the lawn of my parent’s neighbors, and she usually mows on the weekend.  Since this last weekend was a holiday and we were going out there for a bar-b-que Monday afternoon anyway, she waited until then – the two of us just went out earlier than the rest of our family so she could get it done.

Reagan is hilarious when she mows.  She gets to use David’s riding lawn mower, and she loves it!  She just plugs in her headphones and goes to town.  The best part of being there when she is mowing, though, is listening to her sing at the top of her lungs.  She sings so loudly that people sitting in my parent’s house with the windows and doors closed can hear her over top of the noise of the mower.  It’s awesome, and I am thrilled she loves singing so much!

TrickleCreek_Flora-01  TrickleCreek_Flora-02

Right now (well, since January, really) she is obsessed with the Hamilton the Musical Soundtrack, and if you listen while she mows you get to learn all about Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, the Marquis de Lafayette, John Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and the founding of our great country.  If you haven’t heard the soundtrack, you really should listen to it at least once – it’s amazing!


It has been a long time since I have taken my camera out to take pictures just for fun without any real goal in mind, and I’ve missed it.  I have realized that taking the time to make pictures is cathartic, relaxing, and is a perfect form of therapy for me.  While Reagan was mowing, I spent some time wandering around my parent’s yard taking pictures.  Taking time to play.  It was amazing!


The tulips are all gone now, but their yard is in full bloom with other plants and flowers in a riot of colors.  It is beautiful, amazing, and relaxing!  Every step brings a new perspective and different textures and colors to ingest.

TrickleCreek_Flora-17 TrickleCreek_Flora-33 TrickleCreek_Flora-21
TrickleCreek_Flora-26TrickleCreek_Flora-54 TrickleCreek_Flora-41 TrickleCreek_Flora-44 TrickleCreek_Flora-56TrickleCreek_Flora-30TrickleCreek_Flora-65


I am definitely going to have to make more of an effort to take my camera out for some “just for me” moments, that short amount of time I spent on Monday was exactly the therapy I didn’t know I was needing.

What do you do to relax and unwind?