Purging the Pond


My parents have a nice-sized pond in their yard, and every Spring they take the time to clean it out and get it ready to run for the year.  It’s a pretty easy process, it just takes a while.

The first thing we have to do is drain the pond and put the fish in a washtub.  After that it’s simply a matter of cleaning out the twigs and leaves that made their way into the pond over the winter.  It’s pretty easy, just kind of gross.

PondPurge-02 PondPurge-01

Pip decided she wanted to help this year, and she made several attempts to get the water-skeeters and floating cherry petals.

PondPurge-03 PondPurge-04

These fish started out as standard-sized goldfish.  They are HUGE now!  The white ones are at least 8″ long, and they ate well over the winter because they are FAT!

PondPurge-12 PondPurge-14

After we got all the leaves and twigs cleaned out, Mom and I sprayed down the rocks several times to get any excess garbage out, as well.  I *may* have sprayed Dad intentionally, but I would never admit it. 😉

PondPurge-05 PondPurge-06PondPurge-17 PondPurge-11 PondPurge-15 PondPurge-18

PondPurge-07 PondPurge-08 PondPurge-10

Harley showed up after her fundraiser just in time to put the fish back in after we re-filled the pond.  I’m pretty sure they were thrilled to have clean, fresh water.

PondPurge-19 PondPurge-20

Hello, Spring!