8th Grade!


This girl here started eighth grade today, and she is so excited!  This year will mean many firsts for her, including a trip across the country to study United States History and the Colonial United States.

20150831_071541 copy

Reagan is tiny – like she can still pass for under 10 at times – and I have a really hard time remembering that she is a teenager.  I constantly have to remind myself that this is her last year before high school, and I only have 5 years left with her at home!  Throughout Junior High School, Reagan has always played football.  This year, however, she decided to try something new, and she is playing volleyball.  So far, she is loving it, and I cannot wait to watch her play!

20150831_071550 copy

Reagan is my “tell it like it is “child, and she never minces words.  Because of that, you always know how she feels, where you stand with her, and her opinion on matters.  She is spirited, mischievous, and has a huge thirst for learning.  I could not be more proud of her than I already am.  I am lucky to be her mom.