Terrance’s Room


Terrance’s room was remodeled in the same fashion as Harley’s – take it down to subfloor and bare walls and start adding back.

I love that each of the kids’ personalities is so evident in their finished rooms.  Between the paint colors, furniture arrangement, and artwork, their personalities really shine through.


2015-03-29 20.21.04 2015-03-29 20.21.12 2015-03-30 19.53.53 

After the demolition, Terrance chose to paint his room a really light sandy color, and he painted the inside of his closet gray. I cannot get the color completely correct in the pictures, for some reason, and that is driving me nuts – it is much less yellow and more tan than these pictures show.

2015-04-04 19.47.57 2015-04-11 17.35.49 

Todd installed the new laminate floor after all the painting was done and the new light/fan was installed.  It looks amazing!

20150529_170559 2015-04-24 19.39.20 20150529_170632 

These aren’t quite completely finished pictures because Terrance now has blinds on his window, and he has some artwork on his walls, but it is still “him”, and he loves it!

20150530_212209 20150530_212214