Division’s Bridge


Division’s Bridge is centrally located, and serves as a gathering place for the people of the world. Asdel and Obraya are to the northwest of town, and Veskal is to the northeast on the coast.  To the southwest of Divisions Bridge sits Rodan, tucked in between mountain ranges, while the Southlands are directly south of town.  The Elven Kingdoms with their regal inhabitants are located to the southeast of Divisions Bridge.

The bright sunlight filters through the imposing height of the pines, dappling the foliage-covered ground. The kiss of a light breeze whispers through the branches, fluttering the leaves of the buckbrush reminiscent of a thousand waving hands. The ground is a wasteland of dry, parched, and brittle foliage carcasses in the sultry heat of the afternoon sun. The forest is alive with the music of the nuthatches and the taunting cry of the mocking birds.

Entering Division’s Bridge from the North, the first establishment encountered is the tavern.  It is large for a town so small, but the Tipped Hat looks promising.  The food and drink flow freely, and the people are friendly and welcoming.

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The tavern boasts many games and forms of entertainment, as well, and it is the central location for announcements, inquiries, wanted posters, and the like.

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This small town is well established for it’s size.  The blacksmith has set up shop directly outside the tavern.  Division’s Bridge hopes to one day be a peaceful place, but strange, violent events seem to find there way here frequently, so the blacksmith’s wares are sturdy and provide the best protection from harm during combat.


Further to the west is the Blue Dragon, the apothecary.  Here, you can purchase different talismans, charms, and potions.  Maline runs a very clean, high-end establishment, and she is wonderful help to the traveler who may be a bit lost.

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Towards the east, the tailor’s shop is full of luxurious fabrics, warm cloaks, and beautiful clothing.  Also to the east, past the Guard Shack is Old One Eye’s shop where townsfolk are able to make poisons and other brews.  Scattered throughout town are living quarters – some are occupied, and some are available to rent for a night or two.  Outside Division’s Bridge proper travelers will find the Old Man of the Woods, the Hag, a Bandit Camp, and the Huntsman.

It is a beautiful place, but one must always be on their toes!