Trial & Error

I also recently made these two bags out of scraps left over from Tessa’s cloak.  Unfortunately, I don’t really care for either of them.  I believe the patterns are supposed to look rustic when it is finished, and I think they are supposed to be made from a material that does not fray.  At any rate, they were practice for when I make my costume bags for real, and I know what changes I will need to make.

2015-04-17 22.45.08 2015-04-17 20.52.09

The first is the bag I was making for Tessa to carry her coins and other goodies in.  I really like the shape and style of the bag, but I do not like the details of how it turned out.  The directions instructed me to sew the seams like this on the outside, and it just looks unfinished.  When I make the bag again, I need to make a couple changes.  I will be enlarging the bag  a little – right now, it is just a tad small.  When I do that, I will re-make the pattern in such a way that I can hide the seams, and I believe I will be really happy with the results.

Coin Purse
2015-04-17 22.45.08
2015-04-17 22.44.00

I love love love this water bottle holder (or beer, in my case)!  When we are at our LARP events, it is summer, we are in heavy costumes, and it is HOT!  Unfortunately, nobody wants to carry around water because it’s not really period-authentic.

The issues I have with it are similar to Tessa’s bag.  It is meant to be made from fabric that does not fray, therefore, this one looks unfinished and sloppy.

Lesson learned.

In addition to finding a way to make this with hidden seams, I also need to make it a bit wider.  As it is made now, it will hold a small water bottle (or beer 🙂  ), but it will not hold the width of a small Gatorade bottle.  The strap is also incredibly short, and when worn cross-body, it sits just under my rib cage.  It’s really awkward.

Water Bottle Holder
2015-04-17 20.52.27 2015-04-17 20.52.09

I will have to get out the pattern paper and get new ones made right away.  LARP is coming soon, and I can’t leave Tessa without any method for containing her coin or carrying her refreshments.