Harley’s First Day – Sophomore Year


Harley started school today. It is surreal to me that she is now a Sophomore in high school when it seems like just yesterday she was the tiny little imp running around in diapers.

I never know what to say about my middle-girl. She always seems to be the odd one out. She is neither the oldest nor the youngest (though she is both big and little sister). She would rather sit at home and read than be out going constantly, unlike her sisters. Harley loves having a social life and spending time with friends, but she actively seeks out solitude and down time.


I have only one brown-eyed girl, and she is my silent treasure. Harley is the quietest, mildest young lady, and she wears her emotions on her sleeve. She’s caring, considerate, and very conscious of others’ feelings. She loves to laugh and to make others laugh. She is truly an “old soul” and a kindred spirit.


She is becoming the ever-confident beautiful young woman I have always hoped she would be. I am so proud of her.

Harley is that baby of mine who gave me all sorts of heart failure before she could even talk, and she is turning 16 years old in a little over a month.  She was premature.  She stopped breathing on us several times, she spent many overnights in the hospital before she was even a year old, and she was the one baby who was not easy.


Last night we had a softball meeting with Jostens to order the team’s STATE CHAMPIONSHIP RINGS, and while we were there, Harley received her first Varsity Letter Award.


I am learning how to encourage her to always try her hardest (even at math) without “forcing” her to do her work, and I know this year will only bring great things for her.