April Fool's Courtesy Mother Nature

Traditionally April Fool’s Day is celebrated April 1, but this year, Mother Nature had another idea for the residents of Cove.

We woke up Wednesday morning (April 4), to over six inches of snow that was still falling continuously.  Having lived in the Columbia Basin for the past twenty years, I have not experienced snow in April unless I traveled to the mountains.

We had such a mild winter, I really didn’t mind getting it.  It was so pretty, and peaceful.  It also only lasted a few short days – it’s all gone now.  I was supposed to go on a hike that morning for one of my classes, but my professor cancelled it.  I did take a drive to Mt. Emily and hiked around a bit, but it was too snowy to do what I needed to do for class.

Reagan came home from school and had a great time building a snowman.  We didn’t have any carrots, so it got a carrot nose, and, funnily enough, daffodil eyes.  🙂

Something else she decided to add to this snow “man” changed it to a snow-woman.  🙂

I am happy she had such a great time playing, and I did enjoy the snow while it was here, but I am definitely ready for Spring.