She Fights Like A Girl!

And I couldn’t be more proud!


My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in November, and out of respect for her wishes, our family has not openly talked about her fight.

Today marks her last radiation treatment, and it marks a day of celebration for us.

Our beloved wife, mom, sister, nana, aunt, and friend has fought and survived, and we are all so very blessed and thankful!

My brother-in-law, Scotty, wrote the following, and he expressed so well what each of us has felt and thought through this entire experience:

“There is a strong lady in my life that is going through some very rough roads with her health lately she knows who she is because she fights like a girl. I couldn’t tell her what I wanted to when I saw her last because of the young and impressionable minds in the room. But I can say it now, you are demonstrating a courage I hope for my daughters to inherit, a strength of will that is only forged through adversity, and a power of character that shows the everyone why your children adore you and why your husband’s world revolves around you as its sun. I am glad to know you, proud of you, and encouraged by you.”


Today, I am thankful to have my mom, my friend.

I love you, Mom!

P.S.  GET YOU’RE MAMMOGRAMS! Early detection is the best way to beat this disease!