Seriously? Foot Underwear?

Harley used to take dance lessons (tap &  ballet) when we lived in Hermiston.  She has really wanted to get back into them, but her dad and I haven’t been able to work out the logistics of getting her to and from classes, aside from the financial commitment involved.  One of the benefits of living in Cove now and going to school full-time is that I am able to get her back and forth to lessons (and if I can’t, Mom & Dad can help me)

So, my dancer-girl, Harley, got to start dance again.

She is starting halfway through the year, so missed out on being part of any of the competitive groups (which is perfectly okay with me), and instead of taking tap and ballet, she is taking a combination jazz/hip-hop class.  Tonight was her first class, and she totally ROCKED!  It was so awesome to see the muscle memory from so many years ago come back to her, and she did really well picking up the moves and transitions quickly.

Tonight she danced in her socks because we weren’t exactly sure what type of shoes she needed (or if she would even like it), but we quickly found out.

She needs underwear.  For her feet.  Seriously.

These are the “shoes” I had to order for her.  They really are called foot undies . . . Capezio ® Unisex FootUndeez™  I have to say, I do like the price of these dance shoes compared to the lace-up tap shoes I’ve had to buy before.  I just think it’s funny that they really are called FootUndeez – I thought the girls were calling them that as a joke.  Harley’s comment was that, “They look like tightie whities for your toes.”

I am excited Harley is able to get back into something she loves so much, and I am excited to see her progress and learn!