Little Miss Creativity

This week, Reagan has been working on a project for school.  She has been researching the Tygh Indians, who lived on the mostly on the Columbia River between the Umatilla and Deschutes Rivers.  She has several parts of the project she’s been working on; the first was a poster/drawing she made last night.  Tonight, she and Nana worked on making a 3D “diagrama” (that’s what she called it).  I think she meant diorama.  She did a fantastic job, and I am so amazed at her imagination!

Reagan came up with the design for her structure all by herself, and the only help Nana gave her was to help her with the super-hot glue gun.  Reagan collected the twigs and cedar branches from the yard, and she found the cardboard, as well.

At first glance, I thought she “borrowed” one of these deer from our Christmas decorations.

After taking a closer look, however, I realized that she made this buck out of cardboard and sticks!  She did such a great job!

I am impressed!

Here, she is explaining all the different parts to me, and after she showed me this, she did tear up som strips of dark blue paper and added it to look like a stream running through the woods.

I really hope her teacher notices all the hard work and creativity Reagan put into this project – she has concentrated on it completely since she came home from school yesterday.

I’m a proud mommy!