For the Birds!

Today.  It is a day that I would be perfectly happy just deleting from my memory.  It was a day that had a rough start, and with the exception of a small bright spot during ceramics class, just kept getting worse.

I woke up this morning cranky because I had a dream I didn’t like and I didn’t sleep well – actually, I don’t think I’ve slept really well for nearly a month now.  So, I woke up crabby, and I hate it when that happens, so that just makes me crabbier.

The girls got ready for school and out of the house, and I was headed to class shortly thereafter.  When I got to La Grande, I parked on a street near campus and got into the back door to get my backpack out.

Yep, that picture above . . . that happened to me when I was getting out of my car this morning.  Twice.  As I was bent inside getting my backpack from the back seat, I got sprayed up the back, and as I turned around, I got it again up the front.  Great.  I headed to class soaked and freezing.

My ceramics class was the one bright spot of the day.  We are in the process of coil-building pots.  You know what I mean – long snakes wound up and around themselves until a pot is formed.  The difficult part is that we are required to replicate a Chinese or Japanese pot from roughly 6000 B.C.  Not only is replicating the measurements hard, but we also have to work the coils so our pots have smooth surfaces.  Today I finally had my pot looking the way it needs to beforeI build the neck and add the spout.  I did have to restart my pot once, and I’m amazed at how difficult it’s been to create.


My pot is actually about four inches taller than this now, and at the widest point, it’s about 13 inches.  I can’t wait to see it finished!

I get headaches occasionally, but they’re usually ont too bad.  From time to time, though, I get migraines that start small and end up taking over my brain for a day or two.  The best solution I have found for getting rid of them is usually a dark room and sleep.

Since I had class today, I couldn’t very well curl up into a ball and sleep, so I just had to tough it out.  It is better, but I am headed to bed with medicine soon!

To top it all off, I went to a visiting artist lecture tonight at EOU.  It was a photographer from Portland, and since I love photography, I thought I would really love listening to him talk.  He did have some really neat insight to self-portraiture, but I did not enjoy a lot of the style and/or subject (homoeroticism) of his photography, so I kind of feel like it was a waste of my time.

I did decide that since today was such a rough day that I was going to open a bottle of wine and drink it.  I’ve made it through one glass.

I am not sure I will make it through more than the one before I crash because I am so tired, but I feel better and a little more relaxed, so that’s what matters.

I am excited because today was my Friday, and I have a special snowboarding date with my youngest two daughters tomorrow on the mountain.  I can’t wait!