The Whitney Boys

When I have photo sessions, they are usually high school seniors or families, and it seems like I am usually photographing girls, and very rarely do I get to work with little boys.  One of my oldest friends was in town with his son for the Thanksgiving holiday, and we spent a morning having a photo session.  Dean and Flint are the first father-son session I’ve ever had, and there is something so unique and wonderful about that connection and relationship.  It was an honor for me to capture theirs.

Flint and Dean

Of all the animals, the boy is the most unmanageable.  ~ Plato

Pure Sweetness

Dean actually took this picture of Flint while I was tickling him, and it is one of my new all-time favorites!  The pure, unrestrained laughter of a child is a cure for the deepest, darkest mood!

Watching a child’s laughter teach a candle’s flame how to dance.  ~ Dr. Sun Wolf