Screaming Like a Girl

One of the tasks that gets done frequently at the golf course is changing the water coolers – exchanging fresh, cold water out for the coolers that have been used.  When the weather is really hot, we change them on a daily basis, but mostly every other day or every two days.  The water coolers are those common 10-gallon orange coolers frequently seen on the sidelines of sporting events, and they are located around the golf course in little houses on stilts made from wood.  Because the coolers are heavy (80+ pounds full), we work in pairs to change them.

One day, a couple weeks ago, I was working with the other lady who works weekends, Kim, and we were changing the water.  When we got to the water cooler on hole #4, I opened the back of the hut, and reached inside to pull out the old cooler.  As I reached inside, I was greeted face-to-face (like 4″ away) by the ugliest, creepiest spider I had ever seen.  Normally, spiders don’t bother me, and I just let them live their creepy little eight-legged lives as long as they leave me alone and don’t surprise me.  This little (BIG) nasty spider not only surprised me, it surprised me up close and personal.

And I screamed like a girl.  Seriously!

At first, Kim and I didn’t know what kind of spider it was, we just knocked it down and looked at it.  I took these pictures with my phone so that I could show my dad, who, I was sure, would be able to tell me what kind of spider it was.  After a little more poking around and playing with it, Kim and I decided it was probably a Cat Spider, which was later confirmed by my dad.

After we were done changing water, we told a couple of the other workers about it, and they also confirmed for us that it was a Cat Spider.  They then told us that particular Cat Spider had lived in that little house for several years, and they considered it some sort of mascot for the course!?!?

I must admit, that I am now a spider murderer, though I refused to step on it with my shoe because it was so big.  I found a big rock to drop on it.  Dead spider – that’s what it gets for making me scream like a girl!