Double Dose

of the Betts Gene

The first part of the dose is the inherited clumsiness.  I can’t walk across a flat piece of ground without tripping.  The second part of the double dose is the stupid freak accidents that never happen to anyone else, or if they do they don’t cause injury.

I was doomed from the day I was born – I inherited clumsiness AND the freak accident attraction from my dad.

Before I tell this story, though, I would like to start by saying that I have not broken a bone or injured myself for over 9 years (unless you count cutting the tip of my thumb off and having stitches).

Last week at work, we were aerating the greens.  I was running the aerator, and as I turned to get ready to go off the green, the guard on the front of the aerator caught the back of my left heel as it was bent up, and crushed my foot.  It “smarted” when I first did it, and I didn’t think much about it.  When I got home, took off my tennis shoes, and released all the pressure, I just about wet my pants.  I could barely walk!

As it turns out, I wasn’t being a wimp – I broke three metatarsals in my foot.  I am now booted and on crutches.  After the first week solely on crutches, I can now put weight on it as long as it doesn’t hurt, but I have to wear the boot for another six weeks.  Ugh!

Hey, at least it’s still pretty warm out, and I can wear shorts without worrying about freezing my butt off!