Zebra Diva

Harley loves to sew, and each year for 4-H, she makes something and then models it in the Fashion Review contest.  This year she made a zebra-print halter dress.  She did a great job on the dress, and she was a natural modeling!

Talking to the judge about her dress.

The other modeling contest held Monday was the “Favorite Outfit” contest.  Harley bought herself this dress this summer, and it is her new favorite outfit.  She loves it because it is way cute, but mostly because it has pockets and she thinks that will make big sister, Emma jealous.

Just a couple quick snapshots in my parents’ yard before we turned the outfits in for judging.

Harley did a great job – modeling, picking her outfits, and sewing her dress!  I am so proud of her, and I can’t wait for the public fashion review tomorrow night so we can find out how she did modeling!