The Sand Queen

I am loving my job at Buffalo Peak Golf Course.  I really enjoy all the people I work with, the jobs vary daily so I never get bored, and the patrons are so cool!

The Sand Queen

There are several groups of older retired gentlemen who come play every day. They’re usually so punctual with their Tee Times that I don’t need to carry a watch.  When I see “so and so” show up, I know it’s 8:30, and when “that person’s” group makes their appearance, it’s a different time.  What I have really found amusing lately is that most of the patrons have learned my name, but I still only know a few of theirs.  At first, I was thinking I was a major slacker, and then I realized each of them only has to memorize ONE name, where I have HUNDREDS I’m trying to learn.

Yeah – I don’t feel so bad anymore.

My point is that over the summer, I’ve developed little relationships with several of them.  Every day, we have our little quips back and forth, and start all over the next day.

One of the biggest parts of my job is to “fluff up” the sand traps every day (or as close to every day as I can depending on time).  I ride a little tractor called a Sand-Pro and rake them smooth (thank God I don’t have to do it by hand).  There are two main reasons we tend the traps every day.  The first is because the local deer are out of control and throw parties in them EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT!  The second reason we touch them up is that when the sprinklers hit them and they dry, they become very crusty and not the way sand-traps are supposed to be.

Aftermath of the Deer Party
Deer Party Evidence - GONE!
Another Groomed Trap

Back to my point.  It seems like no matter what day, or what time of day it is, there are two or three groups that I always run into when I am grooming traps.  One always comments about me playing at the beach again, another makes a comment about me doing all the hard work (it’s not hard), and several make comments related to me spinning in circles.  However, today, one of the gentlemen (I don’t know his name) told me that he was going to start calling me The Sand Queen because that’s where I always am.

The Sand Queen

So, I guess The Sand Queen it is.  I have to admit it’s a much better nickname than some of the ones I’ve heard.