Golfing Girls

Last Saturday my mom, dad, and I had a tee time to play golf.  Then my dad’s friends called and he threw us over for them. (kidding, Dad)  🙂    Anyway, Mom and I kept our tee time and Reagan went with us, too.  Reagan used the set of clubs that used to be Emma’s before Reagan was even born.  I was worried about how she would do, whether or not she would have fun or be bored, and I worried whether or not we would end up holding up other golfers behind us.

So, yeah.  There was no need to worry.

Reagan seems to have some sort of natural ability to golf.  It’s sick, really.  On several holes, she out drove my mom and me.  The little stinker!  I’m not talking short little worm-burners off the tee boxes, either, I’m talking about long, nice, up-in-the-air drives!

One of the problems Saturday was that Dad pulled a muscle in his side while he was golfing, and he wasn’t even able to complete 9 holes.  Harley got home from camping with her friend on Sunday, and so we set a tee time for the Fourth for all of us.  Since my dad couldn’t golf, he went along to help the girls and spend time with all of us.

I thought Reagan’s good golfing might be a fluke thing, but she did just as well Monday as she did Saturday.

Harley had a good time, too, but she has decided that maybe golf should be Reagan’s sport and Harley can just drive the carts and be a caddy.  She has a FABULOUS softball swing, and I would hate to screw that up trying to get her to learn to play golf.

Reagan took the picture of me above.  I do believe that was either my second or third ball off the tee.  I hit three balls off the tee to nearly the exact same place each time – way way way left in the sagebrush and rattlesnakes.  I got a 10 on that hole (the max you can get) before I even putted the ball into the cup.  🙂

We had a fantastic time with the girls, and they each had a good time driving the carts and playing.