Exploring the Pond

My sister, Erika, used to live in Union.  While they lived there, her kids made some great friends, and school vacations and summer time are just about the only time they’re able to spend time with their old friends.  Today, all the boys were supposed to be able to spend time with their friends, but, unfortunately, once they got here, their plans didn’t work out.  Instead, Erika, her kiddos, Tymek & Benjamin’s Friend Bergo, Erika’s friend, Tye, and Tye’s daughter Tanna had a picnic in the park and then came to visit us at Nana and Papa’s house.

I’ve talked before about how much all my parents’ grand-kids like to explore their yard and discover all sorts of cool things.  Today was no different.  After spending time visiting, all 9 kids (Erika’s, Tye’s, Bergo, and Emma) and all the adults went out to the pond.

There were several salamanders in the pond, and Konrad actually caught one.  The little kids loved trying to catch snails and  looking at the fish.  The big boys and Emma had fun finding salamanders and trying to catch water skippers.

This picture shows everyone except Papa and me.  In the back under the pergola are Bergo, Tymek and Erika.  At the ponds’ edge are Emma, Nana, Tye, Benjamin, Tanna, Konrad (behind Tanna), Lillian, Kendric, and Kayleigh.

It was such a great, relaxing afternoon; it was the perfect way to spend a hot summer afternoon.