When Harley and Reagan originally told my mom that they would ride with her in the 3 Rivers Race, I figured they’d each ride a couple of miles and then spend the rest of the day in the pick-up driving along the route.  I never expected Reagan to argue with my dad about why she should be allowed to ride on the highway.  I didn’t expect Harley to end up riding more miles than I did, and then be disappointed because she didn’t have the longest single stretch of miles.

I never expected them to be so determined.  I should have, and in hindsight, it doesn’t surprise me at all.

Together, these two hard-working, awesome daughters of mine rode nearly half of the race (60 miles).  Reagan rode the majority of her miles AFTER having a wreck within the first 8 miles of the race.  The distances the girls rode were amazing.  Add to the distances that it wasn’t just flat roadway they were riding, but it included some hilly stuff, and it’s more impressive.  The gears on the bike Harley rode weren’t working correctly, and she rode most of the way in high gear.  Reagan didn’t ride a bike with gears, and had to use her own leg power to muscle through her miles.

Harley rode 14.5 total miles!

Reagan rode a total of 9 miles!

I am so very proud of both of them, it is indescribable.  At the Elgin pit-stop, one of the other participants was great and took a picture of my girlies and me together.

The only thing missing from the day was Miss Emma, who was in Heppner watching her boyfriend, Jordan, graduate.

Part of the race took us across the valley from Cove to Imbler.  During that drive, we passed many many agricultural fields, but none so incredible as this one:

Yes, this is a field, not a lake.  It is still under water from the recent flooding caused by rain and snow-melt.  I am amazed I was able to get a picture of the mountain reflection from flooding!  Incredible!

The birds have started using the flooded fields as their personal playgrounds, too.  This Cinnamon Teal let us get really close while it was playing in the debris left from the flooding of the field it was playing in.

Tomorrow, I plan on writing a post about the actual race, including pictures of each of us riding.  As a side-note, the race was definitely what I would call successful, as over $15,000 was raised for domestic violence services in Union, Baker, and Wallowa Counties.

I am proud to say that the girls and I contributed to that success!