Top Ten

Post-A-Day 2011:  Make a top ten list of things to do this summer

I think this is a great prompt for the Post-A-Day project, especially as we are gearing up to finish the school year and begin the summer break.  For the girls and me, our summer is not going to include any fancy vacations or exotic trips, instead, the activities we will be doing are those available to us in our area.

1.    Camping, Fishing, Hiking, etc.

This is an easy one.  We can load up the car with the tent, a cooler, and ourselves and head into the yonder for a couple of days just to get away and relax.

2.    Class Reunion(s)

I was lucky enough to attend two high schools (or unlucky depending on how you look at it).  This summer marks the 20th year since my classmates and I graduated.  Both my high schools, Cove and La Grande, are holding reunions.  I am looking forward to seeing friends, catching up, and reminiscing about the “good old days”.

3.    Swimming

All three of the girls love to swim, and so does their mother.  🙂  We will be spending a lot of time on the river by our house swimming and playing in the sand.  When we can make it to the pool to swim, we’ll do that, too.

4.    Three Rivers Race

This is the first thing we’re doing this summer.  Harley, Reagan, and I are joining my parents and riding our bikes in the 60-mile race to raise money for the Domestic Violence Services in Union, Baker, and Wallowa Counties  The race is this Saturday, and we’re really looking forward to it!

5.    4-H Activities

Reagan is still only considered a Cloverbud (1st-3rd Grades), but she had Harley both have a lot of stuff to do on their projects before the fair comes in August.  Neither one is raising sheep this year, but Emma is raising pigs, and so she’ll be working with them all summer.

6.    Riding Bikes

Because of the upcoming bike race, Harley and I just got our bikes tuned up and ready to ride.  Reagan won a bike at school earlier this year, so she has a brand new one to ride.  I am excited to take rides with the girls.  Not only will we be spending a lot of great time together, the riding is a great form of exercise.  It will really help out with my fitness goal, and will help me feel better about myself.

7.    Cove – Nana & Papa

All three girls love to visit Nana & Papa, so we’re going to try to get over to Cove as much as we can this summer.  Nana & Papa’s house is a place where the world stops and we can just relax and be ourselves.  It’s our sanctuary.

8.    Farmer’s Market

One of the things the girls are going to get to do this summer when we’re in Cove is work at the Farmer’s Market.  They’ll be selling the berries and stuff that my parents give them.  It’s a great way for them to earn some spending money for themselves.

9.    Morrow County Fair

In late August, all three girls will be spending a week in Heppner exhibiting the items they’ve worked so hard on all summer.  Emma will be showing her pig(s), and Harley & Reagan will be exhibiting their sewing, cooking, and photography skills.  In addition, I volunteer with the Morrow County Fair as one of the Open Class Photography Superintendents, so I will be setting up the exhibit, accepting entries, and working throughout the week with it.

10. Making Memories

More important than anything else we do this summer will be the memories we make together.

We have had a pretty tough six months, and we are all looking forward to a break and a chance to relax.