This weekend is the Jeremy Howard Memorial Softball Tournament.  Stormy & Jeff’s softball team was participating, so I watched Karsyn for them.  We spent time at their house and my house in the morning, and we hung out at the softball fields for a little while, too.

We spent most of our afternoon with two of my other nieces, my sister Erika’s daughters Kayleigh and Lillian.  Emma joined us for that part of the day, so we took the three girls out and had a little impromptu photo shoot.  Emma and I had a great time, and all three of the girls loved having someone “new” to play with!

This was my favorite image of the three of them together.

I love it in color, too, but the black & white version is my favorite!

I can’t wait until later this summer when I might get a chance to get these three together again.  It was so fun, I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be just as much fun again!