For The ‘Rents

I’ve been working on making some graphics for my parents’ business – Trickle Creek Creations.  Their business includes my dad’s woodworking items (some on sale at The Potter’s House and Eastern Oregon Nursery and Landscaping) and my mom’s hand-made craft items.  The design originated with a hand-drawing my mom created, and I took it from there.

This is the final design based on my mom’s drawing:

While this design will work perfectly for her hand-made items, my dad thinks it’s pretty, but a little too girlie to be putting on his “studly”, “manly” wood craft pieces.  So I made another version pretty much exactly the same, just with the floral stuff removed.

Dad thought this design was better, but it still wasn’t quite “manly” enough, so I went back to the drawing board – literally.  After talking through some ideas with my mom, I created a completely different graphic for him.

I think it’s pretty awesome, but I don’t have his “official” stamp of approval on it yet.  I’m crossing my fingers he loves it.