There’s Nothing Soft About It!

Harley loves being the catcher; it is her favorite position.  She alternates between catching and playing short stop.  She is pretty good at both, but I have to admit, I love it when she plays catcher the most.  Most of the time when she is catching I don’t take pictures because I get too caught up in watching the game as a whole to pay attention to what she is doing behind the plate.  Tonight, she specifically asked me to take pictures of her catching, so I did.

Boy am I glad she asked!  Because she asked, I was able to catch this image of her leaping from a squatting position to catch a wild pitch!  Not only did she stop the pitch from getting past her, she prevented the girl on third from being able to steal home and score.

I could never have made such an athletic move when I was her age (or any age for that matter), and I am so proud of her heart, determination, and perseverance!


At one time, she looked cute as a button, dressed in pink with ponytails with visions of Alice in Wonderland. She played with dolls, helped mom bake cookies, and has probably earned a few bucks baby-sitting. She has been, and always will be daddy’s little girl.

She still has all those little girl attributes. The only difference is now she looks cute dressed in sliders and shorts. If she is wearing ribbons in her hair, they are team colors. She still bakes cookies … team bake sale. And she has probably earned a few bucks … at the team car wash. Now she is, and always will be daddy’s little ball-player.

She takes pride in how much dirt she can collect every weekend. Go to dinner on a night that she is not playing and it takes an hour of primping to get ready, and she still feels self-conscious. Go after a game and she’ll walk right into a restaurant with a streak of dirt across her forehead, ratted hair, stained shirt and brownish/white socks. Or brown toes with sandals! Let’s EAT!

She is a fierce competitor, willing to stand in against a fast pitcher at close distance that even pro baseball players would have trouble hitting! And she might be 5’2″ and 100 lbs. soaking wet. She might play first or third base at 20 feet from home plate, saying I dare you to bunt … drive one down my throat!!!

She has more spirit than maybe any other team sport. At least it sounds that way. Softball is the only sport where a girls ability to cheer sometimes effects roster decisions. She can’t bunt or hit, she is a liability in the field … but she cheers constantly!She is playing the game for all the right reasons! SHE LOVES IT!  

She is diligent and hardworking. She knows you get out of something, what you put into it. She is not the type of kid to take the easy way out! She is competitive, not willing to give up. She learns many valuable lessons during the course of her softball career.

But first and foremost, the Typical Girls Fast Pitch Softball Player is somebody’s little girl!

Harley, I am so proud of all the hard work you have put in this season to make yourself and your team better!  Mostly, I am proud that you are still my little girl!

Love, Mom

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