Meow . . . Times Five

Remember our cat, Tess?  Isn’t she pretty?

Tess had kittens a week ago, and it took us a little bit to find them.  She had them under our back deck clear in the farthest corner closest to the house away from the front.  We couldn’t really tell how many she had at first because they were so far back there.  We just knew there was at least one orange one.

Then Miss Reagan had a brilliant idea!  She looked through the cracks between the deck boards to see if she could see them better.  Bingo!  There are four kittens – two orange, one orange and white, and one calico like Tess.

These pictures are pretty crummy because I had to take them through the crack in the deck, but at least we can see them.

I can’t wait until they’re a little bigger and they start walking around exploring!