The sixth grade field trip is this week. The sixth graders at IES used to go to Outdoor School for a week, but it became too hard to organize, so now they go on a two-day field trip.

This year they were visiting The Dalles Dam, Columbia Gorge Museum, Bonneville Dam, a fish hatchery, an aeronautical museum, and Multnomah Falls.

Harley has already visited each of those places several times, so I coordinated with my parents to make a field trip for her and her friend, Brenna. They’re trip is mostly art based with a bit of Oregon Trail info thrown in from time to time.

They’ve both been taking great notes and writing down the things they’re learning about, and I can’t wait to share their thoughts and pictures here when our trip is all over.

Tonight after dinner, they treated me to a fashion show of all the fancy dresses in the closet.




They’re having a blast, and I’m so glad I decided to do this instread of the school-sponsored trip.