Something to Believe In

Post-A-Day 2011:   Write about something you used to believe, but don’t anymore.

This is a tough question for me to answer without seeming like “Debbie Downer”.  My life is in turmoil, and I have been questioning a lot of my beliefs and analyzing exactly what they mean to me.

  • I used to believe in true love.
  • I used to believe that “for better or worse” was absolute.
  • I used to believe in forgiveness.
  • I used to believe in fairy tales.

I am really trying to look at the silver lining, and I am trying to find the positives of my circumstances.  So far, there aren’t a whole lot of them.  For me, the worst part, is that a choice was made that essentially took any choice I had away.  Being in an unpleasant situation that I have no control over is hard – really hard, and I find myself struggling each day to NOT question my beliefs and to stick with them.

I know this post is really vague, and I’m not sure how to expand on it completely.

For now, I guess, I’ll just say I’m questioning a lot of my beliefs and examining how they fit into my life.