My sister-in-law, Tera, is a horse-lover.  She loves them!  Tera has had Sapphire, a Palomino-Paint mare, for as long as I’ve known her.  Sapphire, is beautiful, but she looks like a plain white horse until you see her in the sun and see the different paint markings on her body.  Tera had Sapphire bred last summer, and today Sapphire had her baby.  Pat & Tera slept in their camp trailer last night close to the stable thinking she would have her baby then, but she didn’t.  I have been stalking poor Sapphire for days waiting for this new baby to arrive, but was unlucky every time I checked.  Pat & Tera ran into town today, and drove back into the driveway right after the baby was born – missing it!  Sapphire did a fantastic job, and she is a great mother with this beautiful new tri-color foal.  I have never seen a foal this new, and I am in love and mesmerized!

Sapphire & Her Baby

Looking into the eyes of a horse is seeing the soul and purity of life.
~ Unknown