Salt of the Earth?

Not quite.

I am usually not a beer drinker – I don’t drink often at all, actually; however, when I do choose to have a drink or two, it is usually something sweeter, more girlie and frou-frou.  I do admit, though, that there are times that an ice cold beer tastes like Nirvana to me.  I am usually a light beer, gal – the lighter the better.  I do like to have a Moose Drool by Big Sky Brewery or a Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat every now and then, but give me an old fashioned Coors Light and I’m a happy girl.  

I don’t add stuff to my beer, I prefer to drink it straight; however, I do know that a lot of people do add stuff.  There are some who add Tabasco sauce and some add tomato juice.  Some people even add Clamato (clam & tomato) Juice – the jury is still out on their sanity. 

I have a friend named Jason.  Well, actually, he’s my friend, Yvette’s husband.  Anyway, Jason has this habit that, until recently, I thought belonged solely to him – especially since I have never seen anyone else do it, and I had never heard about it until I saw him do it.

You see, Jason likes to put salt in his beer.  I tease him about it, and I always just figured he was a little weird.

Apparently not.

A couple of weeks ago, I was filling our pick up with fuel in Pendleton, and a display near the counter caught my attention.  It was a display for BEER SALT!  Craziness.

So, Jason’s habit isn’t as odd as I originally thought.  Putting salt in beer is popular enough to have a market for specialty salts.  Of course, I had to buy one of each flavor for him, but before I gave them to him, I decided to snap a few shots.

So, Jason, apparently you’re not as odd as I thought – at least in your beer-drinking habits – and I have these lovely little jars of salt for you and your beer.