Reckless Abandon

I saw a quote on Facebook that one of my friends’ daughters said about her . . . it was, “Mom, you’re!”  It’s the perfect description of my mom, and even-though I’m 37 talking about my mom rather than a 15-year-old, the sentiment is the same.

My mom is The Bomb!

There were many years as a teenager and into my early twenties where I didn’t think so.  To say we had a difficult relationship would be a complete understatement.  It wasn’t just difficult, it was also disjointed, mistrusting, and hurtful.  I have to admit that it was completly my fault our relationship was like that – I had not been a nice teenager, and it took me until I was well into my twenties to realize just how horrible I had been.  Luckily, for me, my mom and I were able to work through it all, and the tough times are all in the past.

My mom is one of my best friends.  I talk to her nearly every day on the phone, and when I don’t I feel like I missed out.  The only thing I dislike about my parents taking vacations is that I don’t get to talk to my mom daily.  I take great offense at that, Dad, so tke that into account before you take her on another surprise trip again, would you, please?  🙂

There are so many reasons I look up to my mom, I don’t think I can name them all, but I am going to talk about my favorites.

  • She is dedicated to her family and would do anything for any of us.
  • She is creative, and is able to express herself in multiple ways using multiple media.
  • She is one of the best cooks I have ever met, and she is a great teacher.
  • She is compassionate, empathetic, and she has the strongest shoulders for crying on that I have ever found.

There are so many other things about my mom, and they are flooding my mind, but the one that comes back to the front of my mind over and over is that she lives her life.  She doesn’t just move from day to day, she actually LIVES her life, and she does it with RECKLESS ABANDON!

In my lifetime I have learned so very much from my mom, but the thing I want to take away from her the most is how to really LIVE my life.

  • I want to ride my bike full speed down hills
  • I want to go bobsledding and ride the skeleton when I’m 62 years old
  • I want to be the grandma that my grandkids want to hang out with because I don’t act like a grandma
  • I want to have the drive to learn new things and have new experiences for my whole life
  • I want to grow up to be just like my mom

I want to live my life with reckless abandon.

I love you mom, thank you for living such a great example, and for giving me such a great role model to look up to!