Putting it Together

I have gained weight.  It’s a fact of life – unfortunately, it’s not a fact I’m happy with.  I am working on it, though, so it will get better.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think I’m fat, I’m just WAY out of shape with a few extra pounds.  One drawback is that quite a few of my clothes don’t fit, and they are uncomfortable to wear.  I have taken to combining different things, and closet shopping for clothes that do fit and look somewhat stylish.

I need to dress up today for the funeral for Emma’s basketball coach, Mark Dowdy.  I bought this skirt three or four years ago – It was the only one left, but I liked it so much I bought it a size too big (thank goodness) and just pinned the waistband.  I had the purple top from several years ago, as well.  The jacket, though, I bought this last Fall for our family pictures.  Surprisingly, the top and jacket went well together.  For shoes, I just wore a pair of black pumps I’ve had for years, as well.  I’ve never worn this together before, and I’m happy I put it together.

I made Aaron take pictures of me when we got home from the funeral:

It’s an outfit that made me feel good about myself even with the extra pounds.  🙂