Blissfully Oblivious


She is completely oblivious to the things that would embarass or cause most kids her age to be self-conscious.  Friday during halftime of Emma’s game in Stanfield, Reagan decided she was going to shoot a basket and try to win a soda.  She paid her dollar, took her shot, and won a soda!  She picked Mt. Dew – YIKES!  The girl doesn’t need any more caffeine!  I love it, though, because instead of being embarassed doing it in front of a full gym, she just giggled, and took it all in.  She’ll pretend to be embarassed from time to time, but I think it’s more because she *thinks* that’s how she’s supposed to act.

It takes a lot of effort for someone so small to heave that heavy ball clear up there!

Just look at that grin!  She’s tickled pink!

Reagan is completely oblivious.  She doesn’t care if you’re paying attention to her or not.  She doesn’t care if everyone in the room is watching her.  She just doesn’t care or get self-conscious about anything.  We go weekly to the doctor’s office so she can get three allergy shots.  She is so comfortable going now, that I’m no longer “allowed” to check her in with the receptionist – she’ll do it herself, thank you very much!  She also would prefer to go to the room by herself, too, but I usually overrule her wishes with that because I’M not ready for her to go all by herself.

During Saturday’s games, she decided she wanted to shoot some more baskets, and since the floor was available, she did.  She didn’t care that she was the only person out there, and she just rolled with the punches when the AD told her she had to stop.  In the mean time, though, she provided some great crowd entertainment!



I wish the quality was better and I had been using my little point and shoot instead, but this works!  🙂