2010 In Review

The TOD Family had a great 2010.  Granted, there were some pretty rough times, but I’m a firm believer that struggles and tough times help people grow and be more thanful for the blessings they have.

Some highlights of our 2010:

  • Celebrated our 6 birthdays and countless others
    • Including our first 16-year-old (yikes!)
  • Watched hundreds of sports contests (not exaggerating)
    • Emma, Harley, and Katelyn played volleyball and basketball
    • Emma ran track and was part of the Mustang 4×100 relay team that placed at the 2A State Track Meet
    • Harley, Katelyn, and Reagan played Softball
    • Reagan played soccer – we think she has finally found “her” sport
  • Participated in 4-H and the Morrow County Fair
    • Raised and subsequently sold 3 lambs and 2 pigs
    • Sewing, cooking, and art projects
  • Added one more dog to our household (Lucy)
  • Emma spent Spring Break with friends in Phoenix
  • Harley was elected President of the IES Student Body
  • Celebrated our 5th Wedding Anniversary
  • Spent some fantastic time camping, playing, and enjoying one another as a family

Unfortunately, we had to teach our daughters about grief this year with the loss of Harley and Katelyn’s friend, Trevor, in March, and then my Uncle Joe in May.  It’s a hard lesson to teach them because there is nothing you can do to take away their pain.  I can only hope we’ve given them the tools they will need to cope successfully.

We are truly blessed, and I could go back through my blog from the past year and pull out pictures to re-post, but I don’t want to for two reasons:  I’m tired and I’m being lazy, and because sometimes I think words and lists have more impact than pictures.

I know our 2011 will be even better than 2010, and I hope the best for all my friends and family, as well!