Turkey Bisque Soup

Chicken Bisque Soup was one of my favorite comfort foods growing up.  It is easy to make, and freezes great, too!  I usually make it with chicken, but it’s wonderful with turkey – perfect for those Thanksgiving leftovers!  I also make home-made egg noodles to go in it.

I don’t have a noodle drying rack (it’s on my Christmas list if anyone’s interested), so I use my makeshift dryers – hangers hung on the kitchen cabinet knobs.  🙂


I have this noodle machine, which is great.  It rolls out dough in whatever thickness you want, and cuts the noodles as well.  There are additional attachments (ravioli, etc.), but I only use the two that came with it – fettucini and spaghetti, so I don’t feel like I need any additional attachments.  It comes apart and cleans really easily.


The finished soup.  I’ll post the recipe at the bottom.  It really is the easiest soup to make, and our whole family loves it!