I am constantly thinking I don’t have anthing to wear, and yet, I have a closet bursting with clothes.  There are some that I keep because I love them, but they’re a little too snug at this present time, so currently unwearable.  There are some that I don’t necessarily wear often, but I love them when I do remember to wear them.  Invariably, the minute I get rid of something, I find that I’m wanting to wear it again.  I also find that I am getting bored with my look and style – which is pretty basic.  Put me in a pair of comfy jeans and t-shirt and I’m a happy girl.

One thing I have been trying is varying the ways in which I wear different pieces in my wardrobe.  I’ve been trying to combine pieces that I wouldn’t normally.  Basically, I’ve been trying to add a little style to my life with the pieces I already own.

This is the outfit I put together today.  It’s pretty “me”.  Relaxed, comfy, and easy.

Obviously, I was bored if I’ve resorted to taking pictures of myself in different clothes, but hey, it’s fun!