My First True Love

He’s been officiating some sport or another for as long as I can remember, and he’s just as good at is as he’s ever been!  Harley and Katelyn went to the Girls in Science camp at EOU today, so while they were at camp, I watched my friend’s, Andrea, daughters play volleyball while Dad officiated the Cove-Joseph JV football game.  I managed to sneak out and take some pictures of him between matches.

He’s the first man who stole my heart!  If you’ve never met either of my parents, you are missing out, they are fantastic, and I am so very very blessed and happy to have them!

Love you, Dad!

Oh, yeah, Cove kind of creamed Joseph and then wiped the floor with them afterwards.  Love my Leopards!

Every one of our girls has one specific milestone they can’t wait to reach – the day they outgrow Nana!  Emma did it two years ago while we were building our house.  Katelyn finally did it, too – she is now about two inches taller than Nana!  Two down, only two more to go . . .  Luckily for Nana, the other two girlies are kind of shrimpy and won’t make it there any time soon!