2010 Morrow County Fair

There are just too many pictures to upload individually, so I am posting them as an album and slideshow.  If you don’t want to watch the whole slideshow, stop it, and click on individual images to see the larger versions.  I hope you all enjoy! 

All four of our girls had a great time at the fair, they worked hard, and they all were able to see the fruits of their labor on sale day!   Harley and Katelyn both have several sewing, cooking, and photography exhibits going on to the State Fair in Salem.   We are so proud of how hard they worked, and how willing they were to do what was asked of them (most of the time 🙂 )

Harley and her sister Brianna got second place in the talent show, but the group who received firs place aren’t able to go, so Harley and Brianna get to. 

While her sisters were busy with showing and other exhibits, Reagan entertained herself with the watermelon seed spitting contest (she was the returning champ, so she had to defend her title, of course), the pie eating contest, kids’ games (we brought home 8 goldfish which have mysteriously disappeared), and she hung out wtih Emma and her friends a lot.

The girls have already started talking about what sewing projects they’d like to do next year, and they’re excited to learn new cooking techniques, so to me, that is the best success of the week.

Aaron and I had a great time watching the girls, but boy are we exhausted!  The pictures are below.